Startup company developing solutions for video captured by drones

Client: ClearVuze
Date: July 1, 2019
Services: User Interface, UX, mobile design

About ClearVuze

ClearVuze is a company Developing AI solutions to fully automate filming activities and events – from sports games, to beach days and pool parties. moving an AI-powered drone into just the right place at just the right instant – in order to create engaging content shareable across social networks.

01. Drone’s AI chatting bot

Users chatting with the drone’s AI chatbot are letting the drone know their exact location and the type of activity they are doing, through a series of questions and response screens. the drone will position itself according to their answers, for an optimal filming mode.

the main challenge here was to translate this elaborate operation into a simple and intuitive interface, and a flow of conversation was built between man and drone.

02. Location & Recognition

mini-flows designed to make a perfect location and setup

03. share

all aspects of this system came down to one goal: SHARING. making unique, Instagrammable videos that’s made available in real-time, all in order to maximise customer engagement and social media presence – delivering captivating, personalized videos that are designed for social sharing. capturing the magic of experiences and turning them into marketing moments.

04. User Feed

the main feed, accessed with a QR code, will incorporate all event participants, sending them in real time live shots from the drone’s camera feed. Participants are able to get the video on their mobile phones, while remaining fully present and engaged in their experiences.