Brand identity and web design for an Email Marketing platform

Designing a new company website from scrach, as well as a new digital branding apearance. Ongage needed a new and up to date website . The process started by transforming the old common mail icon of a paper plane to a new illustrative air craft family. following typography and colors rebranding and updating ui component, and ended with the fully responsive new website.

Client: ongage
Date: January 1, 2018
Services: Website Design, UX

Visual Design

As part of the design process, I created a styleguide to fit all branding materials for the different digital platforms – as for the print materials. The Styleguide covers colors, icons, typography and illustrations as part of the design process.

Some examples are shown here.


About Ongage

Ongage was founded in 2010 by a team of email marketers with extensive experience in infrastructure, APIs, ESPs and MTA gateways.

Ongage used their expertise to develop OngageConnect™ an innovative email marketing gateway platform that harnesses the strength of multiple email service providers in order to optimize email deliverability and maximize ROI.